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Artisan Designs & Fabrication

Artisan Designs & Fabrication

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807 Broadway St, Sterling, CO, USA


Mon-Fri: 9am – 5pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday

We are legendary in our region for the Artisan Spec Subwoofer Enclosure which we mastered long before the ported box standard way of life we know today. The secret to Dave’s legendary ways have been passed on to still maintain a presence on the car audio scene today for current and future bass connoisseurs to enjoy. We pride ourselves in being the last stop you need to make for your car audio solutions. Anything from a simple upgrade or repair to a full blown multi-killoamp sucking monster, we are here to keep that project moving forward. We are one of the very few shops left in our region that can offer the vast variety of custom built and fabricated automotive related accessories all in one location.

  • Custom Car Audio

  • Window Tint Films

  • Custom Suspension

  • Automotive Restoration

  • Boat Customization

  • ATVs Customization

  • Motorcycles Customization

  • Performance Upgrades

  • Automotive Upholster