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Tinker Toy Customs

Tinker Toy Customs

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156 Roosevelt Avenue, Beloit, WI, USA

Tinker Toy Customs is led by veteran competitor and installer, Zac Davis. His professional expertise extends 20+ years in the car audio industry. After a decade of installing for other shops, he decided to open TTC in 2003. In effort to raise notoriety for the new store, he began competing in SPL competitions. He reigned his respective classes in the Super and Pro Stock divisions for 3 years, racking up dozens of regional records, two world records, and two world championships using Digital Designs equipment. TinkerToys has been located in the same location  since 2003, building everything from low riders with hydraulics, custom Golf carts, 1/4 mile sleepers, to SPL trailer queens. Specializing in: Car Audio: SPL, SQ, OEM integration, Video, Alarms, Convenience

  • Custom Fabrication: Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, Walls, MDF, ABS, Aluminum, Steel

  • Suspension: Lifts, Air-Ride, Hydraulics, Chassis Work, etc.

  • Engine: Turbo, NItrous Oxide systems, Swaps

  • Interior: In-house Upholsterer

  • Body & Paint: Vertical Door Installation, Full Restoration, Candy, Flip, Pearl

  • Boat-Motorcycle-Powersports: Custom Audio, Lighting, Sound Bars, etc.